Bob Sawyer

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Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. As usual.

Let me get this straight. You’ve got this starship, right? It’s basically a flying super-computer with people and aliens and stuff living inside of it. And it’s monitoring and updating millions of processes every second—from security and life-support systems, to entertainment (entire holographic worlds!), to engineering and warp coils and...

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Endorse Me!

It’s funny to me that people on LinkedIn who don’t know me and have never worked with me endorse me for various skills. I mean, I appreciate the endorsement, but how would you know I’m good at email marketing if you’ve never witnessed the master at work?


New Venture:

I’ve started a new web development venture: web site design/development, email and digital marketing, and app development specifically for CrossFit boxes. For more information, visit


Let This Be a Warning To You

It’s too bad you can’t, after killing a mosquito, put its head on a tiny pike to serve as a warning to the other mosquitoes. I mean, you CAN, but it doesn’t work. The others don’t care—they hated that little blood-sucking bitch anyway.


Current Standing

03/24/2015 — Currently on the CrossFit Leaderboard, I sit at the 42nd percentile for the SE Region Masters Men 45-49 category, compared to my finishes at 83% and 89% in 2014 and 2013, respectively. That’s progress, folks! UPDATE: at the close of the Open (heh), I am 336/875, or 38th...

Pair of Hearts

Pair of Hearts

…and the Mad Hatter ran away with the Queen of Hearts, and they lived madly ever after.