Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. As usual.


Let me get this straight.

You’ve got this starship, right? It’s basically a flying super-computer with people and aliens and stuff living inside of it. And it’s monitoring and updating millions of processes every second—from security and life-support systems, to entertainment (entire holographic worlds!), to engineering and warp coils and what-not. It knows where every sentient being on board is at any given time. It can scan nearby cosmic bodies and tell you everything you need to know about them in just a few moments so that your away crew (complete with ship’s captain) will be better equipped to do their jobs protecting the Prime Directive. And, it sounds like a human being when it talks, and not like Stephen Hawking.

And yet, when ordering Earl Grey tea, Picard has to indicate that he’d like it “hot.” As if there’s any other way one would drink Earl Grey tea. You’d think the computer would at least keep track of that preference.

Endorse Me!


It’s funny to me that people on LinkedIn who don’t know me and have never worked with me endorse me for various skills. I mean, I appreciate the endorsement, but how would you know I’m good at email marketing if you’ve never witnessed the master at work?

Let This Be a Warning To You


It’s too bad you can’t, after killing a mosquito, put its head on a tiny pike to serve as a warning to the other mosquitoes. I mean, you CAN, but it doesn’t work. The others don’t care—they hated that little blood-sucking bitch anyway.

Current Standing


03/24/2015 — Currently on the CrossFit Leaderboard, I sit at the 42nd percentile for the SE Region Masters Men 45-49 category, compared to my finishes at 83% and 89% in 2014 and 2013, respectively. That’s progress, folks!

UPDATE: at the close of the Open (heh), I am 336/875, or 38th percentile for the SE Region Masters Men 45-49. Worldwide, I’m at 43% for Master’s Men 45-49, and 47% worldwide for individual men. Damn pleased with that, I am.